Hall of Fame

Since 2012, the Neenah Soccer Hall of Fame, presented by the Neenah Soccer Club, has recognized those who have contributed significant time and energy to developing the Club, its programs and players.

Check back soon for more information about the 2019 Hall of Fame Banquet, coming in September 2019. 

Are you interested in nominating a deserving soccer advocate for the "Class of 2019" awards? Simply complete the nomination form below (coming soon).  The selection committee will evaluate the nominations based on the following criteria: the candidate’s contributions to local soccer communities; success in setting a positive example for others engaged in the sport; overall achievements in soccer;  significance of the candidate as a leader in youth soccer.

Take a look at some of our past honorees: 

  • 2018: Suzy Curler, Dave Grable, Peter van Houwelingen
  • 2017: Dan Began, Duke Behnke, David Farin
  • 2016:  Carl Gardner, Judy Sorensen, Marti Coan, Maynard Smead, Gerry Rietveld, Jeff Zehren
  • 2015: David Ward, Daniel Chase, Donald Miller, Alan Strautman, Lee Hillstrom
  • 2014: Dan Goggin II, Jack Hayter, Chet Jensen, Dean McNeely, Charlotte Semrad
  • 2013: Nancy Brown, Richard Boelter, Robert Douglas, John Lauer, James Patterson, Jill Rechner, James Semrad, Dave Sorensen, Dave Wigton, Dick Ziegert
  • 2012: Tony Ansems, Chuck Coan, Bob Glass, Andre Hendriks, Ian Huxley, Harry Kelderman, Marlene Lauer,  Jim Nash, Joann Smead, Ade VanGeffen, Bill Wallingford, Ed Wasco

If you're interested in learning more about the Hall of Fame Banquet or would like to help with the planning, please contact Neenah Soccer Club's Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson Kathy Fredrickson. If you would like to become part of the Hall of Fame Review and Selection Committee, please fill out the form here (coming soon).