Interested in Becoming a Referee?

Participants must be at least 13-years-old at the start of the clinic to be eligible to attend a New Grassroots Referee course. Individuals over the age of 18 will be required to complete the SafeSport certification and successfully pass a background check.

WisRef, the US Soccer referee program for Wisconsin plan to start 2021 ‘New Referee” courses in August. This course will be an online and virtual learning format!

The online content at the US Soccer Learning Center needs to be completed prior to being transferred into the WisRef portion, both online and Virtual. The WisRef 2021 “New Referee” Virtual course listings will be provided to you after you have successfully completed the Learning Center modules. We expect that the Learning Center content will be available to you around the end of July; the WisRef portion is expected to be available by mid-August, with the Virtual Courses expected to start shortly after that. As a bonus, if you take an August “New Referee” course, you will be able to referee this fall, and all of 2021.

The New Grassroots Referee training course is a 16-hour course designed to provide entry level referee skills and information through classroom and field training for candidates. Emphasis is on preparing for Grassroots program participation – including recreational and competitive games. Field emphasis is on the practice of specific procedures.

There are costs associated with becoming a referee – you should budget for approximately $100-$125. Referees can quickly earn that back after officiating their first few games.

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