Should my player sign up for Academy/Classic or Recreational soccer?

That's a decision that needs to be made after talking with the player about soccer, commitment, desired competition and readiness. Talk with your player and use some of the criteria below to help with your decision. 

Competition Level

Recreational soccer is geared toward having fun, building friendships and staying active. Parent/volunteer coaches lead players with age-appropriate skill-building exercises and games designed to teach fundamental soccer skills. 

Classic and Academy soccer programs demand a higher level of commitment, training and competition. Trained and certified coaches, along with parent volunteers, lead players through training designed to increase understanding of the game through high-level technical skill and tactical development. 


All Neenah Soccer Club programs offer Spring and Fall training opportunities. Classic and Academy players will also have the opportunity to attend Winter Skills training, geared toward maintaining and building skills in months when we cannot be on the fields.

Practices, Games & Tournaments

Recreational teams practice one night a week and have a game one night a week. 7/8U recreational teams hold their practices the same night as their games, utilizing only one night each week. Recreational teams do not participate in tournaments. 

Classic and Academy players practice two nights a week and additionally have one game night (or Saturday) during the week. They'll also participate in a number of tournaments throughout the spring and fall seasons. Tournament participation is determined by coaches and team availability. 


Recreational fees are generally lower and cover the cost of registration, training, referee fees and jerseys. 

Academy fees are higher and cover team fees, registration, training, league games and referee fees, with additional charges for uniforms (2-year cycle) and tournament fees (determined by team). 

If you're trying to figure out which program is the best fit for your player, we hope that the information below can help you with your decision. If you still have questions or would like additional input, please contact our club DOC Sean Brietzman