Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer 101

2021/22 Season

How can I earn my $50 buyout fee? 

Classic or Rec Coach: Leads the team in practice activities, manages the team during the games, and helps players to stay focused during the games/practice. Coaches will be paid out once the season is over and it has been verified that the coach was there for 75% of the season.

Classic or Rec Assistant Coach: Helps the head coach during practice activities, during the games, and helps players stay focused during games/practices.  Coaches will be paid out once the season is over and it has been verified that the coach was there for 75% of the season.

Team Manager – CLASSIC SOCCER ONLY: Helps head coach with tournament registration, communications and manages the team’s finances.

Equipment Distribution Helper: Assists Equipment Director with organizing and distributing the equipment (balls, cones, pinnies, etc.)  Helps with the collection of equipment at the end of the season. Also, assists with organizing the shed and taking an inventory of club supplies.

Field Maintenance Helper: Assists with set-up of fields in the spring/tear-down in the fall.  Stripes the fields throughout the season.

Activities Director: Assists with coordination and implementation of activities and fundraising efforts.

Sponsorship Helper: Assists sponsorship directors with coordination of Flatgrass Fields and Tournament and Program sponsors.  Assists the sponsorship directors with finding sponsors for our Recreational Soccer Teams.

Copia Cup: Tournament held in the Fall with a variety of opportunities to sign up for. 

Flatgrass Tournament: Variety of opportunities to sign up for. Classic and Academy families are required to put in their 2 hours at this tournament. 


Question and Answer: 

Does “helping” my rec coach if he or she is not able to be there for a game or practice count towards my volunteer hours?  NO, this will not. If a coach cannot complete their season and you are stepping in to coach and the club has been notified, then this will count. Simply helping a coach fill in for a game or a practice will not count towards your volunteer hours. 

Are there Rec Team parents? This was something in the past. NO, there will no longer be team parents for Rec soccer. This is no longer offered as a volunteer option as we have plenty of coaches and now master coaches on the field that can assist. 

How can I find out about volunteer opportunities? When there is a need, an email will be sent out to all members notifying you of the volunteer opportunity with a link to sign up for that volunteer opportunity at Signup.com.  When larger opportunites are available such as Copia Cup or Flatgrass, there will be Facebook posts as well. 

The sign up is full, now what? Sign ups fill up fast, we have over a 1,000 members, keep watching your email, and check the sign up often. People do cancel their spots last minute, sometimes we catch them and send reminders, sometimes we are not able to. Asking the volunteer coordinator to send you an email when there is a opening or volunteer need is not possible. Please watch your emails. 

I put in my 2 hours, when will I get my buyout? Please allow at least 1 week after the event to be refunded. New this year! We are all on Demosphere which means, automatic refunds! You will be refunded via the method you paid or the credit card we have on file in demosphere. You will receive an email message letting you know a refund was made and the credit will show up from Neenah Soccer Club.

I would like to donate my volunteer hours to a family may I do that? NO Donating volunteer hours to another family will not fulfill that families required 2 hours of volunteer time.

I volunteered more than the 2 hours needed I want to apply my hours to next year can I do that? While we thank you for helping us as we are a volunteer based run orgaization, you are not allowed to carry over any hours to the next soccer year. If you only need to put in 4 hours in a calendar year and you put in 6 hours, you do not get to carry over 2 hours to the following calendar year.