Volunteer Positions and Opportunities

Board of Directors: Elected and Voted members of board (these positions are voted on at each Annual General Meeting, generally held in August. Board members are eligible to receive up to a $500 stipend for registration fees for their players in the year following their service to the club. 

Committee Chair/Board Member at-large: Elected or appointed voting members with significant commitment / responsibility: (EG. Flatgrass Director, Webmaster, Other Committee Chairpersons). Committee Chairs are eligible to receive up to a $500 stipend for registration fees for their players in the year following their service to the club. 

Sub-Committee Chairs: Members reporting to BOD or Committee Chair: (EG. Flatgrass Concessions Chair, Flatgrass Marketing/Communications Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, or Fundraising Coordinator.)  Sub-Committee Chairs are nominated by Committee Chair to board for recognition approval. Sub-Committee Chairs are eligible to receive up to $200 reimbursement of registration fees for their players in the year following their service to the club. 

Committee Members: Club members actively part of a committee planning, attending regular meetings during active times with tasks in between (EG. Newsletters, Graphic Arts, Flatgrass Sub-Committees,  Flatgrass Program Coordinator). Committee Members are eligible to receive up to $100 reimbursement of registration fees for their players in the year following their service to the club. 

Additional Opportunities ($50 buyout fee reimbursement)

  • Flatgrass Tournament Support: Support in various areas - traffic, set-up, tear-down, concessions, registration, etc.  This could involve being on the committee, being a coordinator, or a helper.
    • Traffic– Help to maintain the flow of traffic in and out of the facility.
    • Set-Up– Help with set-up of various areas for the event.
    • Tear-Down– Help with the cleanup of various areas for the event.
    • Concessions – Help within the concessions stand, such as running the cash register, drink cart driver, griller or food prep.
    • Registration– Help register teams for the tournament.
    • Fields– Help to set up the fields for the tournament such as moving goal posts or striping the fields.
    • Communications – Help with assembling the flyer/publications for the tournament.
  • Flatgrass Concessions Committee: 2-3 people to supervise concessions during Flatgrass weekend. Instruct volunteers on what to do, make sure all is running smoothly - grilling, serving and checkout; as well as beverage cart, (make sure they are stocked and collect money and record sales after each shift) may require trips to store for additional items throughout weekend.
    • Help with concessions layout, pricing, menu, and inventory of what is in club storage during the weeks prior to the tournament.
    • Week of the tournament: shopping and moving supplies from the shed. Receiving - be at shelter on Friday to meet vendors/deliveries.
  • Coach: Leads the team in practice activities, manages the team during games, and helps players to stay focused during the games/practice.
  • Assistant Coach: Helps the head coach during practice activities, during games, and helps players stay focused during the games/practices.
  • Team Manager – Classic Soccer: Helps head coach with tournament registration, communications and manages the team’s finances.
  • Equipment Distribution Helper: Assist Equipment Director with organizing and distributing the equipment (balls, cones, pinnies, etc.)  Help with the collection of equipment at the end of the season. Also, assist with organizing the shed and taking an inventory of club supplies.
  • Field Maintenance Helper: Assist with set-up of fields in the spring/tear-down in the fall.  Stripe the fields throughout the season.
  • Activities Director: Assist with coordination and implementation of activities and fundraising efforts.
  • Sponsorship Helper: Assist sponsorship directors with coordination of Flatgrass Field, Tournament and Program sponsors.  Assist the sponsorship directors with finding sponsors for our Recreational Soccer Teams.