2019-2020 Classic Tryout Policy

The club organizes and conducts the tryouts for 11U-14U teams playing under the NSC banner. There will be two tryout days for each age group. You can find the calendar dates on the right, or click here for an age group breakdown of tryout dates and times. 

Players may start checking in 30 minutes before the evaluation is scheduled to begin and will be assigned reversible numbered pinnies as they arrive.

During the tryouts, players will participate in small group activities as well as an on-field scrimmage. Parents may observe the evaluations from a distance. During the evaluations, they should not interact with the players or evaluators in any way.

If the player is interested in goalkeeping, please notify staff at tryout check-in.

In the event that a tryout is cancelled due to inclement weather, the make-up time for that tryout will be announced.  

Player’s equipment for tryouts should include a pair of shorts, a white t-shirt, soccer shoes, shin guards, a properly inflated and sized ball with their name on it, and a personalized water bottle. (To avoid bias, we ask that they not wear their current uniforms – players will be identified by number during the evaluation.)

Prior to tryouts, all players must fill out (and bring to tryout) a WYSA Medical Event Waiver. Please also remember to bring a birth certificate for age verification (if not a current NSC member), and onsite registration fee (& late fee) if online registration was not completed prior to the tryout. 

Tryouts for the 15U and older age groups will be conducted by coaches or team personnel for each individual team with a club representative also in attendance.

Players may start checking in 30 minutes before the tryout is scheduled to begin, and will need to bring a completed 2019-2020 WYSA Medical Event Waiver, tryout fee of $35 (if they didn’t register/pay online before 6/6/19) and (if new to NSC) a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport for age verification. Pinnies will be assigned to each player.

Player Age Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in tryouts for a classic team, a player must meet the following age requirements:

Age Group Birth Year
10U* 2010
11U 2009
12U 2008
13U 2007
14U 2006
15U 2005
16U 2004
17U 2003
18/19U 2002/2001

*Players in the 10U and 11U age groups are eligible to try out for the 11U age group teams. NSC strongly recommends that players trying out for 11U have played at least one season of 9/10U Recreational soccer, or have participated in the 10U Academy program prior to trying out for the 11U age group.  Players eligible to play in the 10U Academy (2010 birth year) should have a recommendation from the Director of Coaching to try out for an 11U Classic team.  

NSC Policy for Playing Up an Age Group for 11U-14U
A player may not "play up" more than two years above his or her actual age group.  A player must score in the top 25% of an older age group in order to play up.  Exceptions may be made in order to evenly distribute players between certain age groups in order to maximize the number of teams the club is able to form at each age group.

NSC Policy for Playing Up an Age Group for 15U and older
A player may "play up" based on their skill. There is not a limit on how many years a player can play up, but the general guideline is that a player must be in the top 50% of the age group they are trying to “play up”.  (Minor exceptions may be made in order to evenly distribute players between certain age groups in order to maximize the number of teams the club is able to form at each age group)

Registration Process

Online registration is now open.

All participants will be charged a non-refundable $25 tryout fee. Registration after May 24, 2019 for 11U-14U players will result in a $10 late fee. Registration after June 6, 2019 for 15U and higher will result in a $10 late fee. 

Any player at any age group who is unable to attend their tryout time will require an individual assessment, and will be required to pay an additional $25; the individual assessment must be requested by May 17, 2019 for 11U-14U players, and May 24, 2019 for 15U+ players. To request an individual assessment, please contact Mandy Fleege

Team Selection Process

Every effort will be made to ensure there is no conflict of interest during evaluations. Evaluators and members of the Team Selection Committee will not participate in player evaluations if they have a child or coach a team in that age group.

  • 11U is the entry level to Classic (competitive) soccer in NSC. It is open to players whose date of birth falls within the 10U and 11U ranges in the listing above. For players (and their families) who are physically and emotionally prepared, participation in 11U Classic soccer represents the first step to a higher level of competition and commitment than Rec or Academy soccer. These teams will play in the 11U competitive league of the East Central Soccer District. At this age group, we will form as many teams as possible to accommodate the age group pool. Each team will compete in a division that is appropriate for its skill level. 11U will offer positions for a specific team, but will utilize an age group “pool” to allow for flexibility within the age group for sharing players between teams and movement of players between the teams throughout the year as their skills and abilities develop.
  • 12U teams will be formed following tryouts, but the 12U players will be rostered as an age group “pool” to allow for flexibility within the age group for sharing players between teams and movement of players between the teams throughout the year as their skills and abilities develop.
  • 13U and older teams are not able to be rostered in an age group pool, but when there are multiple teams at an age group, they will work together to share players as necessary utilizing club passing between the teams. The coaches will determine the composition of their teams, with guidance from the Classic Director and Director of Coaching, as well as an impartial club representative who will have observed the tryout. All efforts will be made to field teams at as many age groups as possible. This may require that some players play up an age group.

Once the tryout has been completed, player scores will be computed, and all players ranked by the Team Selection Committee. The player score is based on the coaches’ evaluation (50%) and the tryout evaluators scores (50%). The tryout evaluators and the coaches are not to be a part of the Team Selection Committee. The coaches will meet with the Team Selection Committee to determine the team rosters. The coaches will be given a listing of the top players evaluated for their team. The coach may request limited roster adjustments, subject to approval of the Team Selection Committee. These adjustments are limited and must be justified and approved unanimously by the Team Selection Committee. 

The Team Selection Committee consists of the Club President, Vice Presidents, Classic Director, Director of Coaching and Club Administrator. If any committee member has a personal interest with a player in a specific age group, they recuse themselves. A replacement will be determined by the Board of Directors as a suitable replacement.

The committee will be on hand to discuss any questions, issues, or requests for exceptions.

2019-2020 Team Selection Committee
President – Mike Jones
Vice President - Business– Jamie Kutchek
Vice President - Soccer– Lars Nordang
Classic Director – Tip Brown
Director of Coaching- Cesar Rizzo
Administrator – Mandy Fleege

Team Formation and Player Notification

Offers will be made on the following dates:
11U-14U: Friday, June 14, 2019; 12:00 p.m.
15U+: Friday, June 21, 2019; 12:00 p.m.

This year's offers will come through our new Demosphere program, along with a link to accept or decline the offer. Players will have up to 24 hours to accept or decline the offer in writing by email or in the Demosphere offer system. Note: a verbal commitment is not sufficient to accept a team roster spot. Definition of any alternate offers will be explained and defined for each team or age group.

Player Cost (after offer acceptance)
Upon offer acceptance, a player registration fee will be due. The fee covers NSC membership, participation in Neenah’s Flatgrass tournament (exception of 16U and older girls teams) and referee costs associated with East Central and/or Wisconsin State League games. Additional costs (training and tournament fees) are incurred on a per team basis. Please refer to each team’s prospectus for additional information.

Scholarships are available. Learn more about NSC’s need-based scholarship program here



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If you have additional questions about tryouts, dates and times, players, or which team is right for your player, please email tryouts@neenahsoccerclub.org. 

2019-20 Tryout Dates