Neenah Soccer Club's Core Technical Training Series

Welcome to Neenah Soccer Club's Core Technical Training Video Series!

Since we aren't holding our skills training classes and our activities have been temporarily suspended, our DOC, Cesar Rizzo, along with Master Coaches Sean Breitzman, John Pendergast and Ben Paulson, developed this program to help players continue to grow - even when we can't meet.

The series will begin with nine videos released during April 2020, filled with skills that our players can work on at home. Our hope is that these videos provide a way for players to develop their individual skills to prepare for the season ahead.

We're also working on a way for players to submit videos of themselves working on these skills to receive feedback from our NSC coaching staff. Check back soon for details about this opportunity. For now, enjoy video one, and get some touches on those soccer balls.

Until we meet again on the pitch ...

Mike Jones
Neenah Soccer Club President

Another Note

Remember that while some of these first few videos may be covering simple moves that may feel "easy" for our older age groups, we are looking to develop mastery of all skills, and honing these skills is the foundation for player development at all levels.

Enjoy, have fun, and keep practicing!