Elementary Soccer

The McDonald's Fall Elementary School Soccer Program is a great opportunity for your child to get involved in soccer and learn a little about the game, teamwork, sportsmanship ... all while having fun on the field with school classmates. Each year, 600-1,000 players in grades Kindergarten through 5 come together from schools throughout the Neenah community: Wilson Elementary, New Hope, FVCA, Tullar Elementary, Spring Road Elementary, Roosevelt/Alliance Elementary, SMCS, Taft Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Hoover Elementary, Coolidge Elementary, Clayton Elementary, and Neenah Lutheran Knights. 

Each year, the club, with the help of our sponsor, McDonald's, the Club is able to offer this six-week program at the low cost of only $35 per player. As an added bonus, when your player wears his/her McDonald's Fall Elementary School Soccer jersey into one of the participating Fox Valley McDonald's Locations, he/she will receive a free cone or sundae with any purchase! 

League Information

McDonald's Fall Elementary Schoool Soccer Program teams are formed by school, and will be coached by parent volunteers. No experience is needed for players or the volunteer coaches (background checks are required). NSC will provide the coaches with all information for the season, and weill conduct a coaches training session in August.  

Cost: $35.00 per player - includes a game jersey.  Registration closes on August 1, 2022. No registrations will be accepted after this date. 
A late fee will be added after June 30:

  • July 1 - July 15 is an additional $10 late fee
  • July 16 - August 1 is an additional $20 late fee

Neenah Soccer Club has a NO REFUND Policy.

Additional Equipment Needed: shin guards, water bottle and soccer/running shoes

Fall season will begin Monday, August 29, 2022 (there will be no games on Monday, September 5). All games will start at 5:30 on the night of play. 

Grade Level Game Night Duration of Play Number of Players
Kindergarten/1st Tuesday/Thursday 10-minute quarters 4v4 **NO GOALIES**
2nd/3rd Monday 25-minute halves 8v8 (includes goalie)
4th/5th Tuesday 25-minute halves 8v8 (includes goalie)

NOTE: Players who are playing in Neenah Soccer Club's Classic or Academy programs or other area club teams are not allowed to participate in this league. 

Registration Closes August 1, 2022!

To register, click here. Once logged in, select “Fall School Soccer Registration." Please make sure that you are registering your child for their Fall 2022 grade level. 

Registration closes August 1, 2022 - no exceptions!

Scholarships are available.  Click here to complete the online scholarship request form.  All scholarship requests are due by July 1. 

Dick's Sporting Goods Shop Day

This annual event will be held in August.

More information will be coming soon!

Game Play Information

Rain Outs: Soccer is played in the rain and will only be called off if there is thunder/lightning or if the fields are flooded.  NSC has set a deadline of 4 PM to call games off. If storms look like they will end by game time we will not cancel the games, in these cases, the coaches will be responsible for cancelling games. If the ref shows up please pay him/her. 

Referees: The referee fee is $24/game. Each team is responsible for paying ½ of the fee to the referee prior to the game, prior to the start of the game. Please pay the referees in cash (no checks) and give them correct change. If the game is called off, referees still get paid. No referees are required for Kindergarten/1st grade games (coaches will referee those games). 

Home Team Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the home team to have corner flags set up by 5:20, and to supply a game ball. 

Basic Rules:

  • Throw-in: happens where the ball goes out on the side lines.
  • Goal Kick: Happens when the offensive team kicks the ball out at the defenses end of the field. Kick is taken from the smaller box for 2/3 & 4/5 grade fields and the semi-circle on the Kindergarten/1 grade fields.
  • Corner Kick: Occurs when the defense kicks the ball out of their own end line. Kick takes place from the corner on the side the ball was kicked out.
  • Kindergarten/1 Coach ref: Call hand balls, out of bounds and tripping fouls mostly.
  • 2/3 & 4/5 Coaches: We will not be calling off-sides as it is hard for a single referee to call.
  • 2/3 & 4/5 Coaches: Please allow the Refs to call the games! If we hear that coaches are yelling at refs, you will be asked not to coach anymore. Remember that these are mostly children refereeing. If you have a problem with a referee, please email Mike Jones.
  • Substitutions will be allowed on the following:
    • 1 – Both goal kicks
    • 2 – Own throw-in
    • 3 – At half time
    • 4 – After an injury
    • 5 – After a goal has been scored

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Fall Rec Game Schedules

Please click on the link to access your child's game schedule.  Please note that some schools have more than one team for a grade level so please pay attention to the letter listed with the team name.  Example: Tullar A 2nd/3rd versus Tullar B 2nd/3rd.

Kindergarten/1st Grade Tuesday Game Schedule

Kindergarten/1st Grade Thursday Game Schedule

2nd/3rd Grade Game Schedule

4th/5th Grade Game Schedule