Elementary Soccer

The McDonald's Fall Elementary School Soccer Program is a great opportunity for your child to get involved in soccer and learn a little about the game, teamwork, sportsmanship ... all while having fun on the field with school classmates. Each year, 600-1,000 players in grades Kindergarten through 5 come together from schools throughout the Neenah community: Wilson Elementary, New Hope, FVCA, Tullar Elementary, Spring Road Elementary, Roosevelt/Alliance Elementary, SMCS, Taft Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Hoover Elementary, Coolidge Elementary, Clayton Elementary, and Neenah Lutheran Knights. 

Each year, the club, with the help of our sponsor, McDonald's, the Club is able to offer this six-week program at the low cost of only $35 per player. As an added bonus, when your player wears his/her McDonald's Fall Elementary School Soccer jersey into one of the participating Fox Valley McDonald's Locations, he/she will receive a free cone or sundae with any purchase!