Neenah Soccer Club’s return-to-play protocol

On June 1, the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) issued new return-to-play guidelines, in accordance with US Soccer’s “Play On” protocol for member clubs, including Neenah Soccer Club. 
Effective immediately, clubs may enter Phase I of the “Play On” protocol. Here is what that means for us: 

  • Maximum of nine players and one coach may now practice together in one location
  • Social Distance measures will be practiced as much as possible during training sessions
    • Practices will focus on skill-development, endurance and strength, with a focus on mitigating injury, and all at safe and appropriate distances
    • Parents will not be allowed at training sessions to limit the number of people congregating 
    • Players will not be permitted to share equipment or gear
  • Incident action plans must be in place and followed
    • Players must understand and comply with social distancing protocols
    • Parents must be notified should a team member become ill
  • No competitions, games or tournaments 

Phase I will likely last 4-6 weeks, during which time the club will continue to monitor the status of COVID-19 within the state, and follow the recommendations of the CDC, US Soccer, WYSA and East Central Soccer District (ECSD). The decision to move onto the next phase will be made by the state.
The progression of US Soccer’s “Play On” phases will follow: 

  • Phase II: Full team training, with social distancing during practice; 3-6 weeks;
  • Phase III: Full team training and competitions; Large events/tournaments will be guided by local and/or state public health authorities
  • Phase IV: No restrictions

As we progress through these phases, we need to be prepared to revert to earlier phases should we have infections or should recommendations change. 
It is important to remember that, while we all want to get back out onto the field and into full competition, we need to keep the health and safety of our players and coaches, as well as their families, as the priority that guides our practices.