Health and Safety Procedures at Practice

Neenah Soccer Club will follow all guidelines laid out in Section V of the US Soccer Play On Phase 1 Grassroots Soccer Recommendation Guide

Parents will not be permitted on the practice fields. 

Please send only your player to the practice location to check in with the present Safety Officer near the practice field location, at their scheduled check-in time. 

Players will be asked to return to their cars should they arrive early. Any player arriving 5 minutes or more after their check-in time will not be permitted to practice. This strict policy allows us to make sure that an appropriate and thorough check-in is performed for each player, and allows our coaches to concentrate on practice and player safety. Please be on time and prepared to play. 


  • Please be ready to let the staff member know your name (for attendance purposes) and be prepared to answer the following questions, aligned with the CDC’s Coronavirus self-checker
    • Have you, in the past two weeks, have contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • Are you feeling ill?
    • Do you have any of these symptoms: 
      • Chest Pain or pressure 
      • Difficulty breathing
      • Dizziness or lightheadedness
      • Fever
      • Cough 
      • Fatigue
      • Muscle or body aches
      • Headache
      • New loss of taste or smell
      • Sore throat
      • Congestion or runny nose
      • Nausea or vomiting
      • Diarrhea

During practice sessions, groups will be divided by age and will train for one hour. Players will be in groups of 9 or less with 1 coach, who will be wearing a mask during the practice. Players will not be required to wear masks, but they are permitted should they prefer or choose to wear one. 

Players should NOT touch any of the items/materials on the field (cones, flags, goals). Club soccer balls will be used during practice, and will be sanitized between sessions to limit player exposure to other people’s equipment and to each other. 

Hand sanitizer will be available for players at all times, and use will be encouraged during water breaks, prior to allowing players to handle their personal items.