Prior to Each Practice

By coming to practice prepared, we can better safeguard our players from potential health concerns. Please do your part to keep all players safe by evaluating your child prior to sending them to practice.

  • Players should arrive to practice completely dressed and ready to play. 
    • Players are asked NOT to bring their own soccer balls to practice. They may bring their bags, and will be asked to place them, away from other player bags, in the marked location. Players will need their own shoes, shin guards and water bottles, but are asked to keep other personal items to a minimum. 
    • Please have your player run through a warm-up before you come to practice. (Tell them to run through our traditional warm-up from practices and games.) Due to the limited practice time, we will not be running through a full warm-up.
    • Make sure your player has enough water for the entire practice. Sharing of water bottles will not be permitted.
  • Conduct a temperature check to ensure your player has a temperature under 100.4°F. 

Note: Any individual who has been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days may not come to practice, and is recommended to quarantine at home for 14 days. Please do not come to practice if you are not feeling well or have experienced any of the symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Additionally, if you have traveled outside the state of Wisconsin, we ask that, upon return, you do not come to practice sessions for 14 days during the recommended at-home quarantine time.