What is a Volunteer?


According to Merriam Webster, the definition of a volunteer is this “ a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service” This could best be done by feeling compelled to offer their time and talent. 

Our club strives and thrives on volunteers. Without volunteers to line soccer fields week after week during a season teams are unable to play. Without volunteers teams would not have first aid kits packed or bags packed with equipment. Without volunteers our 2 tournament’s we host would not be able to happen. And the list goes on.

Our club year begins on August 1 and ends on July 31 and during this time frame we ask our members to fulfill their volunteer commitment. 

During the Fall season that started August 1, 2021, we had 130 volunteer spots available, of which 18 volunteer spots were left unfulfilled. 

Looking ahead to the Spring, if all goes like last Spring, fingers crossed, we may be looking for volunteers starting in early April to set up fields. Then it's Flatgrass time where we will once again be looking for volunteers of 250+.

Volunteer opportunities begin on Thursday with preparing the fields and continue to Friday as we set up the fields and event area prior to the 1st games beginning later in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday morning we are at the fields bright and early at 6am to set up and each night we tear down by removing garbage cans, flags and general clean up. We have various spots such as field marshalls, traffic control, registration help and much more! 

We encourage your highschool age kids to volunteer as well. Many need volunteer hours for church, Key club, National honor society or other clubs, why not have them fulfill your volunteer hours. Flatgrass is held the weekend of Mothers Day and has been held on Mothers Day for the last 15+ years. 

Watch your email and social media for volunteer opportunities. 

Thank you for your continued support of Neenah Soccer Club. We value and appreciate YOU! 


Erin Johnson

Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator

Neenah Soccer Club